Saman Hosseinpuor

Filmmaker “Writer, Director and Producer” was born in 1993 Saghez, Kurdistan, Iran

Scholar of Cinematography and Graphic Design. Bachelor Degree of Directing in Cinema and Master degree of Cinema

Asian Film Academy Alumni (Chanel X BIFF Asian Film Academy)

Member of Iranian Short film Association

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Saman Hosseinpuor was born in Kurdistan Part of Iran (West of Iran), His native language is Kurdish and he can speak in Persian and English. He started His work from Kamyaran (a city in Kurdistan at Iran) in 2006 he started with acting in theatre and afterwards He participated in the 22th Youth Film Festival as a Jury and Directed His first film (high school student short film) which was awarded the silver directing medal in Qasedak National Film Festival in Iran and that was the start of his passion for Cinema.

After that He started studying Cinematography and film making. In this period, He continued His career and participated in more than thirty short film projects which included working as; Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Director and Assistant Director. He also Voluntarily worked as a journalist for journals and newspapers such as Hamshahri and won several National Awards as a writer.

He directed his first professional short film “1-0” when he was 20 years old at the university which was accepted in several international and national Film festivals, and that was the beginning of his Career as a Filmmaker. In 2020 he fell in love with his culture and his roots which is Kurdish, and afterward he tried to make more films related to his culture and his people. And now his focus is on Kurdish culture and making films about Kurdish people in Iran.

He has written and directed eleven short films including: “1-0” 2013, “Autumn Leaves” 2015, “Fish” 2016, “The Man Who Forgot to Breathe” 2017, “The Last Embrace” 2018, “Slaughter 2018”, “The Other 2019”, “Congenital 2021”, “Suitcase 2023” “The Last Night in Korea 2023” and “Son 2024”

He has been selected in more than hundreds of festivals and received lots of prizes.

Awards and Nominations: (Accepted in over 600 International Festivals and more than 70 awards)

Jury Member of 25th International Film Festival of Local Televisions “Golden Beggar” 2019

Jury Member of 60Second Film Festival Pune-India 2018

Honorable Mention 7th Annual Short Sweet Film Festival USA “The LAST Embrace” 2018

Best short film for Fish from International kids Film Festival of Venezuela 2017

Best short Film and Fest Screenplay for Autumn Leaves and Fish from CinemiCinema 2017

Best Short film under 3 minute and Best Director for 1-0 From 9th Revolution Film Festival

3rd Jury Commendation for 1-0 from Filminute Romania 2015

1st Jury Commendation for Fish from Filminute Romania 2016

Best Film and Best Media Art for Young Audiences for Fish from Gotta Minute Film festival 2016

2nd Best Film for Autumn Leaves from 10th Toronto Urban Film Festival 2016

Best Filmmaker choice for Fish from Take 21 Film Festival 2016

Best Young Artist for Saman Hosseinpuor Director of Fish from 22th International TV Film Festival Kocise 2016

Best Short film For Fish from International Heldsburg Film Festival 2016

Jury Commendation for Fish from Galut Film Festival 2016

Best Narrative short film for Fish from Student Cuts Film festival Slovenia 2016

Best Director under 25 for Saman Hosseinpuor Director Fish from Farbirano Film Festival Italy 2016

Best Short short film for 1-0 from Golden frame Film Festival India 2016

Best Narrative short film and Best Cinematography for Fish & Autumn Leaves from 3rd Flamingo Film Festival USA 2016

Best Director for Saman Hosseinpuor Director of 1-0 From Atlas Awards USA 2015

Best Director for Saman Hosseinpuor Director of Autumn Leaves from Atlas Awards USA 2016

Best Student Short Film for Autumn Leaves from Irvington Film Festival USA 2015

Special Jury Awards for Fish From La Mirada Taboo Film Festival of Spain 2016

Best Short film for Autumn Leaves from Salt Flats Film Festival 2016

Grand Prix Narrative short film Montreal Independent Film Award “The Man Who Forgot to Breathe” 2017

Best Original Script for “The Man Who Forgot to Breathe” South Cinematographic Academy Film & Art 2017

Grand Short Film Prize for “The Last Embrace” at The Seoul Guro International Kids Children Film Festival South Korea 2018

Special Mention award of 9th AUSTRIAN INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL for “The Last Embrace” 2018

Best Micro Short film of Screen Culture Film Festival of England for “The Last Embrace” 2018

Best Script for “The Last Embrace” – 3th Gosh Film Festival 2018

Best Director under 25 Fabriano Film fest for “The Last Embrace” 2018

Best Script for “The Last Embrace” – 6th Parma Music & Film Festival Italy -2018

Best Film (First Place) for “The Last Embrace” at 1th KinoDrome Film Festival USA- 2018

4 Award from The Symi International Film Festival for “The Last Embrace” Greece 2018(Best Film, Best Sound Design, Best Director, Best Actress)

Best Student Film for “The Last Embrace” from Over-The-Rhine Film Fest 2018

Best Foreign Film for “Slaughter” at 14TH Early Bird Film Festival – Bulgaria

Diploma for revealing important social themes for “The Last Embrace” International Film Festival Cinema and YOU 2018

Special Mention for Fish by Saman Hosseinpuor from the 10th Lobo International Film Festival Brazil 2018

Best Short Fiction film and Best Actor for “Slaughter” from 4th Pravaz International film festival, Iran, 2019

Best Narrative Short Film for “The Last Embrace” 4th The Earth Day Film Festival USA 2019

Best Actor for Fereidoun Hamedi awarded to “Slaughter” from Festival Universitaire International Ciné-Lettres d’Agadir 2019

Best Short film for Slaughter from 19th “Unprecedented cinema” festival-Estonia 2019

President of the Jury for the 15th edition of the Early Bird Student Film Festival – 2019

Jury Member of 10th Mikrofaf – International festival of DIY and independent short film – Serbia – 2019

Jury Prize from 8th Mostremp, Cinema Rural al Pallars Spain for “Slaughter”

Best International Short film for “Slaughter” from 18th Villammare International film festival – Italy- 2019

Jury Member of 7th The “Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero” – Italy – 2020

Jury Member of Local Student Film Festival of Rega – Kurdistan – Iran – 2018- 2019- 2020

Best Short film of Moscow Kurdish film festival 2022

Nominated for fest student film at 46TH Drama Short film Festival 2023

Selection Committee of International Tehran Short film festival 2021

Asian Film Academy Alumni (Biff BAFA) 2023

Saman Hosseinpuor