Samko Brothers Statement at Kustendorf

Samko Brothers Statement at Kustendorf

Samko Brothers (Saman Hosseinpuor and Ako Zandkarimi) before the Premiere of their film, had a statement.

Samko Brothers Statement:

The Statement: I hope you are all good.
We are Samko brothers, directors of The Other. We are very grateful to have our Premiere screening in Kustendorf.
But at the same time we are stressed and feel bad for the current situation in Iran and Middle East.
As a Kurd and an Iranian, we want to say that in these years, because of the political and economic situation and the effects of sanctions, Iran could not be a good mother for his children, and the immigration of the Iranian people has increased.
As filmmakers having this great opportunity to be in your presence, we want to say that we will be very grateful , if there are Iranian immigrants in your country, and you accept them and take care of them, actually, not only the Iranian immigrants, but all the refugees from other countries.
They had no choice.
We had no choice.
Immigration is the hardest decision anyone can make.
We hope that one day all immigrants will return to their country and enjoy the good life they deserve.

Please click the link below to watch the speech:

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